Saturday, April 19, 2014

L.B. Taylor

12x16 Oil on Board

It was a privilege painting this portrait for friends in remembrance of their son.  
I didn't know L.B. personally, but sensed the charm that was loved by so many in his 
playful eyes and the soft curl of his smile.  

Any painting is an adventure for me, but I experience a certain mystery with portraits.  I'm not a master and have only done a few -- but when the picture comes to life on the canvas and stares back at me, two dimensions almost become three and it's as if he is says, "Hi there.  I was waiting for you."

I imagine L.B.'s parents conversing with this likeness of their son,
and pray it graces their home and their hearts with warmth and love.

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  1. Its to bad you didnt know LB. He was an amazing kid and young adult. He was loved by many and he had a lot of different friends. I would imagine he was was waiting for you to paint him to come alive so you could see him through our eyes. He looks most like my dad his grandfather that died when he was only 3 months old. The likeness is incredible. This doesnt hang in my home but his father and stepmother. I am happy that I can see this and he is memorialized on your blog. Thank you