Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going Fishing

Painted for auction at Macedonian Ministries Mission Sunday at Gettysburg Baptist Church. The reference photo (permission granted by the photographer) was taken in Haiti as the men loaded up their vessels to go out fishing. The sails on the boats are patched together using old, worn pieces of fabric, but still able catch the wind despite the tears and frayed edges. Like these old sails, God uses His chosen, tattered and torn as they may be, to do His work. He blows the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit into our hearts and if we are surrendered to His calling, it moves us into motion. And we become fishers of men.


  1. Such strong compositions in your landscapes. But as a figurative painter, this work has special appeal to me. The sail tells its own special story, doesn't it.

  2. Yes, Shirley, it does. Sometimes the most tattered sails are the strongest and most beautiful..